Terraform Online Training

Terraform is used primarily by the DevOps team to Automate
Various Insfrastructure and other related tasks.

It is used to provide infrastructure date center using a declaratie language.

$ 75 / ₹ 6200 for 6 Months
Limited Period Anniversary Discount Price : $ 60 / ₹ 4960

10 Modules

16.02 Hours

Course Modules
  • IAC and Intro to Terraform
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  • Provisioning Infra in AWS using Terraform
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  • Provisioning Infra in Azure using Terraform.
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    24 Mins : 0

  • Provisioning Infra in Docker using Terraform
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  • Creating Azure VM using Terraform
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  • Working with Terraform Resources
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What is terrform?

You can create, modify, and improve infrastructure in a safe and controlled manner using the open-source software tool known as Terraform. To automate different infrastructure tasks, DevOps teams primarily use the IAC tool Terraform. One of the primary use cases for Terraform is the provisioning of cloud resources.

Why Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

Understanding the advantages of Infrastructure as Code also aids in a better understanding of the advantages of the platform (IaC). Infrastructure can be codified by developers in a way that automates, accelerates, and repeats provisioning. Agile and DevOps practices like version control, continuous integration, and continuous deployment all depend on IAC.

Benefits of this course:

  1. Exhaustive Microsoft Azure training by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Mr. Sandeep Soni who has 27+ years of IT experience.
  2. Detailed and Complete Azure Tutorial/ Azure Course Syllabus prepared by Mr. Sandeep Soni himself.
  3. The validity of the course is one year, and students can repeat the same course multiple times in a year.
  4. Guidance and support for Microsoft Certification Exam will be provided by Mr. Sandeep Soni himself.


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Mr. Sandeep Soni, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and an Azure Architect is one of the most famous Azure trainers in the market. He is a software and corporate trainer with 27+ years of training experience.

Mr. Soni regularly conducts Live batches and webinars on Microsoft Azure. He has conducted over 200+ live online batches and has personally trained over 100,000 students.


A solid understanding of cloud fundamentals as well as some experience developing services in a public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle, etc.)

Although it is not necessary, prior experience writing automation scripts in languages like PowerShell, Bash, Python, etc. will make some labs much simpler.

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