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You will get 6 months of pre-recorded video access and 1 year liv training access (Can repeat multiple times in ONE year).

You will get access to Azure Portal for practice in our shared subscription till Course duration.

You will get complete courseware with detailed steps for practice, prepared by Mr.Sandeep Soni, which you can use for your revision and practice.

You can directly connect with Mr.Sandeep Soni, for career guidance and support for Microsoft Certification Exams.

AI / ML Suite Include​


Python Certification: Earning a Python certification keeps you up to date on the latest Python advancements. This shows how something works—your ability to write Python code, work with libraries, and solve problems efficiently.

Machine Learning (ML)​

ML Certification: In the field of Machine Learning is constantly evolving. An ML certification allows you to understanding core ML concepts, algorithms, and tools. his empowers you to apply ML techniques to real-world problems.

DP-101: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

Staying Current with Azure Data: The DP-101 certification keeps you stay updated on the latest trends in Microsoft Azure data services. It shows your knowledge of Azure's data storage, processing, and analytics solutions.

AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals ​

Embrace the Future of AI: In this rapidly transforming industries As Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI-900 certification equips you with a foundational understanding of AI concepts and how Microsoft Azure supports AI workloads.

AI-102: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure AI Solutions

Become an AI Solution Architect: Taking your AI expertise to the next level with the AI-102 certification. This showcases your ability to design, implement, and manage AI solutions on Microsoft Azure.

GitHub Copilot ​

Level Up Your Coding: GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered code completion tool, can help you increase your coding productivity. Learn how to earn certification by completing tutorials on Copilot, which will teach you how to use its features and write better code more quickly.

Copilot Studio

AI-powered Development Environment: Copilot Studio integrates code completion, debugging, and testing features into a single AI-assisted development environment. Certifications or tutorials on Copilot Studio will equip you to utilize this powerful tool for a more efficient development workflow.


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(Python + AI/ML + DP-101 + AI-102 + AI-900 + Github + Copilot Studio)

Anniversary offer : $234 / ₹19,125
One Time Total Fee* : $275 / ₹22,500
6 months Low cost EMI*: ₹3,896/-
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